Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

  • It's a Wiki World: Collaboration in Translator Training
    Agnes Pisanski Peterlin & Nataša Hirci
    Department of Translation and Interpreting Faculty of Arts University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Motivating Students to Participate in Classroom Discussions through the Socratic Circle Approach
    Alma Piric
    Department of English Language and Literature University of Zenica Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Using Contemporary Cases to Teach the (Non) Subtleties of Language Evident in Logical Fallacies 10.14706/JFLTAL14113
    Artur Hadaj
    Faculty of Philology University of Tirana, Albania
    Christina Standerfer
    Clinton School of Public Service University of Arkansas, USA
  • Correction of the negative feedback in teaching Italian Language at the University of Banja Luka (BiH) 10.14706/JFLTAL14114
    Danilo Capasso
    Faculty of Philology Department of Italian Language and Literature University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Loanwords and Soap Operas: the Return of Turkish to the Language Scene of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Edin Dupanović
    Kulen Vakuf-Orašac Primary School Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Who's to be taught in today's classroom?
    Edina Špago-Ćumurija, Džemal Špago and Adi Maslo
    Faculty of Humanities Department of English Language Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The Impact of Musical Component on Vocabulary Acquisition (Using the Blues and Jazz as Musical Tools)
    George Shaduri
    Faculty of Humanities International Black Sea University, Georgia
  • Education in the Bakumatsu
    (1853-1912) 10.14706/JFLTAL14118
    Giovanni Borriello
    History and Institutions of Asia Roma Tre University, Italy
  • Digital Natives in Higher Education Related to Language Learning
    Kemal Gönen and Azamat Akbarov
    English Department International Burch University, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Intercultural Linguistic Competence Development
    Marie J. Myers
    Faculty of Education Queen's University, Canada
  • An Investigation into Intercultural Communication Issues in High School Curricula in Italy, Slovenia and Turkey
    Neva Čebron
    Faculty of Humanities University of Primorska, Slovenia
  • A case study: The Significance of the ESP In-session Course at International Burch University
    Nudžejma Obralić & Akbarov Azamat
    English Department International Burch University, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Local and International Cultures in Catalan as a Second Language Textbook
    Pau Bori
    Faculty of Philology Department of Iberian Studies University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Investigating intersubjectivity as a discursive accomplishment in relation to interpreter mediation: building a conceptual and analytical framework
    Rebecca Tipton
    School of Arts, Languages and Cultures University of Manchester, UK