Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguisticss (J-FLTAL)

is a scholarly peer-reviewed international scientific journal publishing four issues per year, focusing on linguistics, theories, methods, and
materials in language teaching, study and research. It provides a high profile, leading edge forum for academics, educators, practitioners and
students in the field to contribute and disseminate innovative new work on linguistics, language teaching and research.
J-FLTAL invites original, previously unpublished, research and survey articles, plus research-in-progress reports and short research notes, on
both practical and theoretical aspects of linguistics, language teaching, learning, and research.

Areas of Interest:

  • Language teaching methodologies
  • Pedagogical techniques
  • Teaching and curricular practices
  • Curriculum development and teaching methods
  • Program, syllabus, and materials design
  • Second and foreign language teaching and learning
  • Classroom-centered research
  • Literacy
  • Language education
  • Teacher education and professional development
  • Teacher training
  • Cross-cultural studies
  • Child, second, and foreign language acquisition
  • Bilingual and multilingual education
  • Translation
  • Teaching of specific skills
  • Language teaching for specific purposes
  • New technologies in language teaching
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Language representation
  • Language planning
  • Literature, language, and linguistics
  • Applied Linguisticss
  • Phonetics, phonology, and morphology
  • Syntax and semantics
  • Sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics
  • Discourse analysis
  • Stylistics
  • Language and culture, cognition, and pragmatics
  • Language teaching and psychology, anthropology, sociology
  • Theories and practice in related fields